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an Australian based equine technology company 

your journey with equiprove
begins here

you love horses

you are dedicated to chosen disciplines and training

you compete and keep up with the latest equine advances

you run equine organisations & businesses with a keen eye to the market

our focus is equine provenance: establishing it, maintaining it, and relying on it

we are constructing an equine digital platform that simplifies the process for the Australian equine community to access, record, and share their equine data with whomever they choose

our goal is to offer clarity and certainty concerning the identity and activities of Australian horses, as well as provide insights into the size and characteristics of the broader Australian equine population

we are enthusiastic about embracing technological advancements to bring the equine industry in line with other innovative sectors in Australia

our system will aid the industry in enhancing safety and biosecurity, reducing risks, and boosting confidence, ultimately elevating the integrity of the Australian horse market

our story

we are a technology company with proven expertise in technology, business, and the equine industry


our team includes breeders, horse owners, event organisers, and riders who share a deep passion for all things equine

our founders, Ali, Karen, and Ulrich, have a longstanding shared passion for horses and have previously collaborated on various equine projects


the idea for equiprove was born during a conversation at the Aquis Champions Tour in 2019


they recognised the challenges in managing equine identification and biosecurity, particularly in event management

rusty and chino.jpg

drawing on their collective understanding of the needs of horses and riders across Australia, and leveraging Ulrich's industry and technical expertise, they envisioned a digital platform capable of storing a comprehensive record of a horse and equestrian’s life

recognising the significance of their idea, the team decided to pursue it further and collaboratively established equiprove


the founding members of equiprove bring a unique blend of equine knowledge, technical prowess, and years of senior management experience

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