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equiprove is an Australian based equine technology company 

Our Commitment to the

Australian equine community

Our objective is equine provenance: establishing it, maintaining it and relying on it. 


We are building an equine intelligence network that makes it easy and convenient for the Australian equine community to access, record and send their equine data to whomever they choose. we are not a central equine database.


We will provide clarity and confidence around the identity and whereabouts of Australian horses and insight into the size and characteristics of the Australian equine population as a whole.


We will embrace technological opportunities and bring the equine industry in line with other innovative Australian industries.


We believe in the need for traceability and transparency across the equine industry.


Our system will assist the industry to improve safety and biosecurity, reduce risk, and increase confidence, thereby increasing the integrity of the Australian horse market.

Our Story

Ali, Karen and Ulrich have long shared a passion for all things equine and have already collaborated on a number of horse-related projects.

In 2019, while sharing a drink at Aquis, their conversation turned to the difficulties in managing equine identification and biosecurity issues, particularly in event management.


Sharing their understanding of the needs of horses and riders across Australia, and drawing on Ulli’s industry and technical expertise, their discussion generated the idea of a knowledge platform that would be able to store evidence of a horse’s life.


Knowing they were on to something special, the group decided to take the idea further and together have created equiprove.

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Who we Are

The founding members of equiprove bring a balance of equine expertise, technical capability and many years of senior management experience.

We are building a collaborative team of professionals who are committed to improving Australia’s equine traceability and connectivity.

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