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unlock the power of equiprove

You and your horse, side by side.

Enjoy individual profiles where you can capture roles, chosen disciplines, achievements, photos, and all your horse's information – creating a digital legacy.

Our platform provides a secure digital vault for you to conveniently store verified data. Access it on your terms and share it selectively with the ones that matter.


Share your story, promote your business, and connect with the right audience. equiprove opens doors to a world of possibilities.


For riders, breeders, owners, organisers, and enthusiasts alike – equiprove brings convenience, connectivity, and efficiency to every aspect of your equestrian journey.


Streamline your equiprove life with ease.

Ownership and Control

We respect your data ownership. When you use equiprove, your data remains yours.

You have full control – determine how much, when, and with whom you share.

Your equine story, your rules.

Decide who adds or views your Profile. equiprove allows you to choose who you want to have in your horsey community.

equiprove is not just a platform; it's a movement. We're changing how the equine industry manages horse-related information, unlocking its true value for everyone involved.


your equine world in one place

Your equiprove profile is more than a profile; it's a secure vault designed to store verified information. Picture it as a canvas for your stories, details, photos, and adventures with your horse. It's your spotlight, and equiprove makes it easy.

Seamless Data Management

equiprove lets you effortlessly collect and consolidate horse data from various databases. No duplications, no errors. Streamline your equine experience effortlessly.

Verified Pedigree and Performance Records

At its core, equiprove showcases verified pedigree details, performance records, and more.

Highlight your qualifications, showcase achievements, and position yourself as an industry expert.

Your Digital Equine Journey

Your equiprove profile is more than a digital identity; it's a representation of your equine journey. Tailor it, share it, let your expertise shine through.

transform your data management

equiprove will replace unreliable and outdated systems. Say goodbye to uncertainty and inefficiency as breed societies, performance organisations, and clubs confidently and efficiently manage their data.

Simplify Operations with Complimentary Data Storage 

Enjoy complimentary data storage and budget-friendly essential services tailor-made for equestrian organisations. Simplify the management of members and their horses, ensuring smooth operations.

Seamless Integration for Robust Technology Users

For organisations already using robust in-house technology, equiprove offers seamless integration.


Your members will benefit from the advantages of connectivity and streamlined data sharing.

mare and foal.png

event management systems and organisers 
streamline your events 

equiprove simplifies event administration, streamlines competition registration, and extends benefits to riders who don't own the horses they compete with.


Seamless Integration with Existing Event Entry Systems

Connect your existing event entry systems seamlessly with equiprove. Access verified data from horse profiles, competitor information, and owner details, guaranteeing accuracy and efficiency in event management.

Effortless Results Management

equiprove will automatically store results directly on horse and people profiles from scoring systems for easy future reference. All event-related data in one place, making it accessible and organised.

Contactless Sign-in and Sign-out Procedures

Implement contactless sign-in and sign-out procedures for all events, from small gatherings to international competitions. Prioritise safety and efficiency in event operations.

life after racing
transition with equiprove

equiprove plays a pivotal role in linking data, facilitating the seamless transition of horses from racing careers to off-the-track retirement.

Real-time Information for Informed Decisions

Stay informed with real-time information on the whereabouts of individual retired horses that are participating in new careers. equiprove provides a comprehensive platform to track and manage post-racing journeys.

Transparency and Accessibility

equiprove ensures that the post-racing phase is transparent and accessible. Access valuable insights into each horse's post-racing life, promoting responsible and informed decisions for their well-being, as well as best placement for future retirees when they leave the racing industry. 


the Australasian equine community 

In collaboration with our de-identified aggregated data, equiprove supports the equine community to gain valuable insights into the size, movements, and characteristics of our equine population.


This information supports effective biosecurity, welfare, and transport strategies, enhances emergency management, and informs market research and development.

Your Reliable Source of Equine Information

equiprove serves as a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable source of equine information, eliminating fragmentation and disconnection across Australasia.


Join us in creating a connected and informed equine community for the benefit of all.

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