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Our Vision

At its core, equiprove captures, stores and curates data, accessed or drawn from many different sources, creating a digital history of the horse and events. This data is authenticated, verified and immutable.


It becomes trusted information.

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equiprove balances the necessity for an open and accessible point of truth with the unique needs of each group of users. It will have the look and feel of a single system, yet it is not a centralised database.

equiprove will provide a smooth and efficient interface for users to enter data, access information and seamlessly populate data required for day to day activities.

An equestrian will be able to view all their horses’ activities and manage their profile. They will also be able to automatically transfer data, as needed, for day to day activities and regulatory requirements.

We will not own

our users' data

They will own it. equiprove recognises and accommodates the data management needs of different industries.

With exception of certain situations, such as legislative and regulatory requirements, users will license us to use a portion of the data they have stored.

Users will decide how much data to license, when the data is viewed or released, and to whom. They will also decide which other authorised third parties can add or view data, for example, health management service providers.

Over time this allows the equine industry to manage equine assets to reliably ascertain and promote their value.

An experienced

technology partner

Our technology partner, SAP, is a market leader in enterprise application and innovative software technology development.


SAP recognises equiprove is looking to both simplify complex multi-party processes and create trust among users. SAP understands these requirements.


Working together, equiprove will utilise innovative asset management technology to digitalise the Australian equine industry.




We are actively looking to develop a cost-effective, non-invasive, location-based identification method which incorporates current practices and emerging bio metric technologies.

This could have substantial benefits for equine identification. For example:

  • Rescuers could identify lost horses following fires or other disasters and return them.

  • Health care providers could provide consistent care for a horse across multiple owners.

  • Buyers would feel increased assurance around a horse’s identity prior to purchase.

  • Authorities could quickly identify rightful ownership during disputes.

The cost of Equine Influenza to the Australian equine industry in 2007 was estimated at approximately $1.5 billion

Equine Influenza

What's Next?

equiprove is rapidly taking next steps to evolve and release this product to an eager community of equine lovers across the country. We are looking for collaborators and investors. If you would like to be involved in moving Australia’s equine community into the future, please get in touch.  

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