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what equiprove will do for you

you and your horse will both have access to your own personal profiles

capture your roles, chosen disciplines, achievements, photos, all of your horse’s information and more


we will provide you with a trusted digital vault

conveniently store verified data, access it when you want, share it with whom you choose

we will connect you to the equine world

share your story, promote your business, reach the right audience

you will streamline your equestrian life

convenience, connectivity and efficiency for riders, breeders, owners, organisers, and enthusiasts

we believe that your data is yours, not ours


when you use our platform, you still own your data

you control everything about your data: how much you share, when it's shared and

who you share it with

you decide which trusted partners, can add or see your data

we help the equine industry manage horse-related information better and understand its value



your equiprove profile is your secure vault for verified information, tailor-made for easy sharing with your chosen audience. Whether it's about you or your horse, consider these profiles as canvases waiting to be enriched with captivating details, cherished photos, and tales of your shared adventures.

equipped with the power to seamlessly collect and consolidate horse data from various accessible databases, equiprove is designed to minimise duplications and errors.


at its core, equiprove thrives on presenting verified breed pedigree details, performance records, and more. It's the comprehensive narrative hub for both you and your horse. Showcase your qualifications, flaunt your achievements, and position yourself as an expert within the industry seamlessly.


equiprove will replace unreliable and outdated systems, allowing breed societies, performance organisations, and clubs to confidently and efficiently manage their data.

complimentary data storage and budget-friendly essential services specifically designed for equestrian organisations, will simplify the management of members and their horses and smooth operations.

organisations already using robust in-house technology can seamlessly integrate with equiprove, allowing members to fully enjoy the advantages of connectivity and data sharing.


event management

equiprove simplifies event administration, streamlines competition registration, and offers benefits to riders who don't own the horses they compete with.

existing event entry systems can seamlessly connect with equiprove, accessing verified data from the horse, competitor and owner’s profiles.

results can be stored on equiprove from scoring systems, for future reference.

contactless sign-in and sign-out procedures are implemented for all events, from small gatherings to international competitions.

life after racing

embark on a transformative journey with equiprove as it plays a pivotal role in aggregating data, facilitating the seamless transition of horses from racing careers to off-the-track retirement.

stay informed with real-time information on the whereabouts of individual retired horses and the broader ex-racing population.


equiprove ensures that the post-racing phase is transparent and accessible.


the Australian equine community 

using our combined, de-identified aggregated data, equiprove enables the equine community to better understand the size, movements, and characteristics of our equine population as a whole and in specific regions, supporting effective biosecurity, welfare, and transport strategies, enhancing emergency management, and informing market research and development


equiprove serves as a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable source of unified equine information, eliminating fragmentation and disconnection across the country

support equiprove

support the launch of equiprove

you get exclusive platform access and recognition

your logo will be featured on our website & digital platform

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