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our vision

create industry certainty

improve participant safety

enable world class biosecurity management

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we are developing a secure, user-friendly digital platform where industry users can record, view and share verified information across the equine industry

we will release authorised data to create unprecedented opportunities for real-time information sharing, industry insight development and growth

what equiprove
will do for you

personalise your profile - your roles, chosen disciplines, achievements, photos, your horse’s information and more


provide you with a trusted digital vault - conveniently store verified data, access it when you want, share it with whom you choose

connect you to the equine world - share your story, promote your business, reach the right audience

streamline your equestrian life - convenience, connectivity and efficiency for riders, breeders, owners, organisers, and enthusiasts

we believe that your data is yours, not ours


when you use our platform, you still own your data

you control everything about your data: how much you share, when it's shared, and with whom

you decide which trusted partners, can add or see your data

we help the equine industry manage horse-related information better and understand its value

we need
your support

support the launch of equiprove

you get exclusive platform access and recognition

your logo will be featured on our website & digital platform

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