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equiprove benefits

Owners and Buyers


  • easily store, access, and share thorough and verified details about yourself and your horse

  • promote your equestrian journey in Australia by highlighting qualifications, results, achievements, and experience

  • allow third parties to securely record information about you and your horse

  • access a clear and traceable ownership history with authorised permission, displaying ownership duration and responsible horse management practices

  • play a part in enhancing breeding outcomes as breeders utilise insights from performance histories and equine traits saved in equiprove

breed organisations

  • easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for recording coverings, births, registrations, ownership transfers, studbook classifications, memberships, and more, plus an integrated notification system that simplifies member and horse renewals and payment processing

  • efficient data sharing to organisations begins with breeders' recordings of coverings and extends to verifying pregnancies, due mares, and live foals

  • comprehensive data collection supports breed organisations in gaining a deeper understanding of their breed's population and in promoting verified data for global recognition

  • equestrians can efficiently share verified pedigree registrations with performance organisations so that the performance organisation is receiving correct information about the horse, acknowledging the efforts and enhancing the value of breed organisations, promoting the idea that pedigree registering a horse holds significant value

Clubs and Associations

performance organisations

  • create detailed profiles for participants and horses, including qualifications, achievements, certificates, and prior learning, providing reliable verified information to the performance organisation

  • able to assess a participant and horse’s capabilities

  • share accurate, verified information with international bodies

  • use reliable data to improve services and develop new offerings

  • attract members with attractive offerings, promoting loyalty and growth with vibrant market activity

  • streamline attendance and participation tracking

  • know where horses and riders are for welfare and wellbeing

  • implement robust biosecurity measures

  • facilitate stakeholder connections by building relationships and understanding your ecosystem

  • easily access valuable, evidence-based insights on participant performance by seamlessly connecting to various data sources for comprehensive industry knowledge

Event Managment

event management

  • improves data quality with accurate information for event management systems, reducing errors

  • automatically confirms membership and registration status, notifying breed societies, riding clubs, and peak bodies about member and horse combinations

  • competitors receive better event notifications, eliminating the need for emails

  • secure, tamper-proof results are recorded for each horse, and scoring errors can be updated

  • registration for classes is quick and easy with accessible membership numbers and equiprove-held registrations, that can be shared with third party event management systems

  • enhanced participant and horse history tracking, allowing event organisers to have more insights into the performance and history of the competitors, helping them plan and organise events more effectively

ellie casey xc.png

life after racing

  • facilitating adoption and resettlement, sharing verified data of retired racehorses, including their history and performance, with potential adopters, improving the chances of successful adoption and offering valuable information for the horse's new journey

  • real-time information on the whereabouts of individual retired horses and the broader ex-racing population

  • monitoring post-racing quality of life by offering insights into the quality of life of racehorses after their racing career

  • demonstrating positive outcomes and pathways for both never-raced and retired racehorses

Aus Community

the Australian equine community

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  • respond more effectively to equine health concerns like Hendra virus by analysing horse movements, disease locations, and contributing factors

  • horse traceability is significantly improved - even if an owner doesn't use equiprove, their horse leaves a digital trail when others upload information

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