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Benefits of using equiprove


  • A single location to store, access and share everything about you and your horse.

  • Accurate, verifiable information which can be shared with third parties.

  • The ability to promote yourself as an equestrian in Australia by showcasing qualifications, results, achievements and experience. 

  • The ability for authorised third parties to record key health and performance information about your horse.

  • Improved breeding outcomes as breeders absorb and respond to the insights generated by the data on performance histories and equine traits held by equiprove.

Owners and Buyers

Buyers and Sellers

  • Traceable and transparent history - you can see how long a current owner has possessed their horse and how they have managed the horse during that time, with their authorisation.

  • Confidence when considering a new horse because you are engaging with a seller who can prove their horse’s credentials using equiprove.

  • Assurance that the person you are selling your horse to is able to demonstrate a strong track record of horse ownership, preventing your horse from ending up in the wrong hands, and ultimately the wrong pathway in life. 

  • The opportunity to use electronic conveyancing to transfer a new horse legally into your name, while automatically alerting the breed / registering organisation of the transfer, keeping all registers up to date.

Buyers and Sellers


  • A complete picture of each attending horse, providing greater certainty for rider safety and increased assistance to members purchasing horses and participating in club activities.

  • Improved record keeping around member attendance and participation in courses, clinics and competitions.

  • Contactless sign-in and sign-out that is hygienic and touch-free, to each and every participating event, whether it is a small group rally, right through to an international event.

  • The ability for riding schools to provide assurance to learner riders that their horses are traceable and well managed.

Clubs and Associations

Breed Societies and Associations

  • A simplified, cost-effective system for recording coverings, births, registrations, transfer of ownership, studbook inspections, memberships and an integrated member notification system that facilitates membership renewals and payments.


  • The option to record and share data at each stage of the breeding process. equiprove allows mare owners to instantly record coverings, vets to record pregnancies following confirmation, and so on, and automatically transfers this information to the breed association. This allows for quick and simple registrations and ensures consistent and up to date breed society records.

  • Control over your individual, cloud-based database, that can push and pull information when required without manual handling. A stable system based on SAP technology that does not suffer from system outages or crashes.

  • Simplified event registration for breed classes and clear links between a unique horse and the multiple aliases it may use during an event.

Event Managment

Event Management

  • Significantly improved data quality. equiprove will push accurate information to event management systems, minimising, or possibly eliminating, errors.

  • Automatic confirmation of membership and registration status and notification to breed societies, riding clubs and peak bodies of member and horse combinations competing, to gain insight into participation.

  • Improved notification of draws, time allocations and other event information to competitors, eliminating the need for email.

  • Secure results, which cannot be tampered with or altered, recorded against each horse. Where a scoring management system incorrectly records a result, the result is updated, not amended.

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  • The option to quickly and easily register for classes, using your membership number and registrations already held in equiprove. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

Life after


  • Real-time information on the location of individual retired horses and the movements of the broader ex-racing population, allowing peak bodies to enhance and validate their retired and off the track initiatives 

  • A clear picture of the quality of life of a racehorse after their first career. equiprove allows health management and performance management third parties to provide evidence of a horse’s welfare and address systemic issues if they arise

  • Improved data to be able to demonstrate good outcomes and pathways for never raced and retired racehorses

Aus Community


  • Greater capability for preemptive and holistic responses to equine health issues such as Hendra due to an enhanced understanding of movements, disease location & spread, and analysis of contributing factors.

  • Significantly improved traceability of each horse. If an owner does not use equiprove, their horse will retain a digital footprint when third parties upload information. equiprove can also easily identify the horse when it transfers to a new owner.

  • The option for welfare and government organisations to use equiprove to trace horses of interest, and to communicate and check-in with owners who require additional oversight.

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