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Cryptohorse Working With equiprove On Equine Traceability

Written by Cryptohorse

Published: 26 July 2020

Cryptohorse has agreed to work with equiprove to improve the traceability of ex-racehorses and horses used for equine-assisted therapy.

Equiprove says it's "equine intelligence network links existing horse registry databases and equine service provider platforms in the cloud, enabling horse owners to locate and verify ownership of their horse, and then add, access and share equine data with whoever they authorise or whoever requires it."

"​Everything about your horse in one place – equiprove stores data about breeding and registration, ownership, health & performance management, and movements."

Using equiprove's API, Cryptohorse will enable linkage from the details of any horse in its system to the relevant Equiprove extract, thus providing provenance for the horse concerned.

Cryptohorse director Bill Saunders believes that this capacity represents an essential extension to the Cryptohorse service.

"If a horse owner such as a charity is providing equine-assisted therapy, then it's important that its clients are assured that they know the background of each horse they are using", he said.

Another use for equiprove is if a charity wants to base fundraising around sponsoring horses it is using for therapy purposes.

"By linking the horse's profile in the charity web portal on Cryptohorse to its equiprove profile, potential donors can confirm that the horse has received its annual health check from a veterinarian", he said.

There are many other uses that equiprove data can be applied to.

Cryptohorse continues to investigate these use cases with equiprove.

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