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equiprove collects, curates and connects Australian equine information

anytime anywhere

equiprove will be the leader in connecting real-time data in the equine industry

The equiprove Equine Intelligence Network collects, curates and connects Australian equine information.


equiprove links all existing horse registry databases and equine service provider platforms in the cloud, establishing a knowledge platform, connecting secure and reliable information across the equine industry.

equiprove is a convenient service that makes it easy for the Australian equine community to access, record and share equine data to whomever they choose.


Anytime. Anywhere.

Benefits for

horse owners

With equiprove, you will know your horse’s history from birth.


You and your horse's data will be safe, easily accessible and available for you to share as you choose.


As an equestrian, promoting your qualifications, achievements and experience will allow you to demonstrate yourself as the right person for the job - whether it be a trainer, a coach, breeder or a health service provider.

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Benefits for

buyers and sellers

A potential buyer will be able to seek access to a horse's equiprove account, with the owner's authorisation.


A seller is able to request ownership history, and access to horses that are currently owned, to determine whether they are genuine buyers who will continue to put the horse first. 

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Benefits for

clubs and associations

equiprove will replace unreliable and outdated systems, allowing breed societies, performance associations, and clubs to confidently manage their data.


Each administrator will have a unique login to access their club’s or association’s cloud-based membership and horse registry database.  


Benefits for

event management

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equiprove will reduce manual data processing and administration for event organisers and competitors.


Existing event entry systems will be able to seamlessly link with the Equine Intelligence Network, receiving verified data from the horse's equiprove account, to push to the event organiser.

Results can be stored on an equiprove account as evidence of a horse’s value and history for future use.  

Benefits for

life after racing

equiprove will assist the transition of horses from racing careers to off the track retirement by providing information on ownership and management of each horse in their new career

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Benefits for

the Australian equine community 

Using our combined, de-identified aggregated data, the equine community can better understand the size, movements and characteristics of our equine population as a whole and in specific regions.


We can use these industry insights and understanding to tackle biosecurity, welfare and transport issues, plan more effective emergency management and provide insight into market research and development.

equiprove will provide a convenient, cost-effective and reliable source of truth, unifying fragmented and disconnected equine information across the country.




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