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Marybeth Lepine response to three ex-racehorses in the Laidley Sales 12 months

to the day of the 7:30 Report Expose - The Final Race


So much thought, time and effort went into collating ideas from the members of this group. The solutions we offered were viable, sustainable and comprehensive. We as a group debated and workshopped the ideas to ensure they were realistic.

The submission offered, whoever took on the role of the Welfare Officer, a complete blueprint as to what areas needed to be addressed.

Our solutions were recognised and adopted almost verbatim by the independent inquiry into the Racehorse Welfare committee's submission to the QLD Government.

The submission was provided to the Racing Minister's office, Racing QLD, QRIC and the Independent Welfare Inquiry Committee. All were told they could use the information included in the submission.

In January 2020, $1.5M was pledged by the Government to be taken out of Racing prizemoney.

Those of us who make a living out of racing accepted that as we believed the money was going to be used for protection of horses.

However, ten months later nothing appears to have changed.

These three TB mares pictured were sold through the sale yards and purchased by John Bowman (knackery owner) today for $50 for the lot.


Has the board met yet to discuss how the money will be spent?

If not, why not?

What is being done to stop thoroughbreds and standardbreds being sold to the knackery?

It was well documented that the knackery practises where abhorrent so has anything being done to legislate the treatment of horses by the knackeries?

What has been done about recruiting trainers to re-educate racehorses?

Who do owners and trainers call if they have a retiring racehorse?

What is being done to have people on the ground at the sales to stop racehorses being sold to the doggers?

Has any of the $1.5M been spent on Racehorse Welfare yet? If so what are the details?

Please don't tell me these things take time.

This is an urgent matter and it requires an urgent response.

This is not sour grapes because I wasn't given an opportunity to apply for the welfare manager role. It is the frustration of trying to save the lives of horses. It is the frustration of doing all the leg work, meeting with the right people, talking to the people with the expertise, providing the solutions and still NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

It is about the horses. It has always been about the horses.

I know that several people in positions of power are following this page. Please prove me wrong and show us that action is being taken to save racehorses.


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