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equiprove and SAP

March 2019

equiprove and SAP commence initial discussions and opportunities for the equine industry in Australia.

SAP, is a market leader in enterprise application and innovative software technology development. SAP recognises equiprove is looking to both simplify complex multi-party processes and create trust among users. SAP understands these requirements.

Working together, equiprove will utilise contemporary technology to innovate and digitalise the Australian equine industry.

Innovation at SAP

"In 1972, the SAP founders pioneered standard software for financial systems to run our customers’ business processes in real time.

Since then, SAP has continuously evolved by moving to a client-server architecture, revolutionising data management with SAP HANA, and connecting experience with operations. Future-proofing our customers’ business and building systems that provide a foundation for growth and innovation is in our DNA.

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