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RV announces new welfare program

Ryan Reynolds

16 July 2020

A new pathway for Victorian race horses that have struggled to find the right home at the end of their career has been announced by Racing Victoria.

The program, RESET, which stands for Racehorse Evaluation, Support, Education and Transition, will provide direct support for horses that are sound and have good post-racing prospects but are yet to transition into a second career.

The initial pilot of the program will take in horses that have failed to capture the imagination of the equestrian community due to a variety of reasons.

With the goal of responsible re-homing, each horse in the RESET Program will receive retraining from an RV Acknowledged Re-trainer, funded by the industry’s equine welfare fund.

It will initially welcome 10 horses, with an additional 20 to join within the first two months.

“The introduction of the RESET Program is an important opportunity to help support those horses that have not been successful in transitioning to a second career after racing,” Racing Victoria chief Giles Thompson said.

“We made a $25 million commitment to accelerate and expand our three-year equine welfare action plan and the RESET Program is one of several new initiatives that will focus on the welfare of thoroughbreds after racing.”

A key feature of RV’s post-racing framework, the RESET Program is one of a number of initiatives that will be introduced in the coming months to support sustainable after racing care for Victorian thoroughbreds.

The RESET Program will complement RV’s existing Off The Track program which promotes the thoroughbred to the equestrian community.

Chatsfield, a 13-year-old gelding, who finished last in his only career start at Echuca in 2011 before being retired the following year is one horse that will enter the RESET program

Surrendered to the RSPCA from a private home in 2019, in light condition, he will now get a new opportunity to be retrained by RV Acknowledged Retrainer, Amanda Porter, and have the prospect of finding a new home and second career.

“The opportunity to be involved in the RESET Program and help Chatsfield find a new purpose in life is exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together,” Porter said.

“I love working with thoroughbreds and I’m glad that I’m in a position to retrain him. There will no doubt be ups and downs as there is retraining any horse for a new career, but I’m confident we can reset Chatsfield for the next phase of his life after racing.”

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