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Laura Cheshire response to Qld Racing Minister announcement

"This. THIS??? So we are almost a year on from the ABC show which threw in our faces horses getting slaughtered who were once racetrack progeny. We are almost a year on from getting told THIS WILL GET FIXED. it’s not getting fixed!!

Queensland racing is waiting on an announcement from the government on a proposal from an independent body as to what the 1.5 million getting taken out of the racing funds each year will do to help the WELFARE OF OUR RETIRED HORSES!!

1.5 mil. That won’t even buy a property to keep them on. HOW IS 31.5 MILLION proposed to fix up a race club?!

FIX THE ISSUE WITH LIFE AFTER RACING FIRST!! For gods SAKES those of us who are in the industry rehoming and re-educating these horses in Queensland are waiting for a BREAK!! Who do we vote for who cares about the backbone of this industry???

Who cares about the animal??? Anyone in power? Who will put the animals first in an industry they Make? Anyone? If we want to keep racing going, which god KNOWS gives so many people jobs with an animal they love, why can’t the government and the QLD racing body put them front and centre. Let’s show the naysayers that the horses are number ONE.

Within the industry they are.

2 years down the track they’re falling through the cracks. They NEED retraining and monitored rehoming.

Let’s put welfare before upgrades.

This is so DEPRESSING!! I’ll wait with bated breath as to the government's proposal on the measly 1.5 mil that’s meant to keep our ex-racing stock safe.

No doubt it will get put into pony club show prize money and those who enter the sale yards a year after they’ve been given away to joe blow will still be forgotten.

Let’s hope we will not still be fighting the same battle another year down the track. Disappointed is an understatement.

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