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14 Apr 2020

Are you aware of the regulations governing the movement of horses into and within NSW?

You might want to start by reading or downloading our Frequently Answered Questions here PDF, 175.88 KB.

Horses moving into NSW from other states must meet the state of origin’s requirements until entering NSW and NSW requirements once in NSW. These requirements have been in existence for a number of years and are not in response to COVID 19.

If you are considering moving a horse within NSW during the COVID 19 pandemic, have you reviewed current COVID 19 advice from the Australian Government and reputable sources such as Equestrian NSW?

NSW police may monitor travel around the state and can request necessary documentation for the transportation of livestock, including horses.

Horse owners who intend to transport horses within NSW require a Transported Stock Statement (TSS) unless the horses fall under one of these exemptions:

  • horses being transported to or from an agricultural show, gymkhana, exhibition, pony club meeting

  • racehorses or harness racing horses

  • working horses being moved to or from any place for work

  • horses being moved under a stock permit issued under the Local Land Services Act 2013

  • horses being moved under a control order, emergency order, biosecurity direction, permit issued, or a biosecurity zone established under the Biosecurity Act 2015

  • horses being transported from interstate and travel within NSW up to 30 km before proceeding back into the other state or territory as part of an unbroken journey

  • horses being transported across or along a road from one part of a property to another which would be adjoining except for being separated by the road

  • horses being transported to a place for treatment by a veterinary practitioner.

If you do not meet the above criteria, have a completed TSS with you.

Horse owners must also keep a record of the Property Identification Code (PIC) of the property the horse is travelling to and from, including agistment properties. Find out how to apply for a PIC here (fees apply).

Contact us to talk about how to obtain a TSS book or how to apply for a PIC.

Our offices are open by appointment only at the present so the best way to contact us is to call 1300 795 299 or or fill out our online enquiry form here.

Read more about transporting horses here.

Download PDF • 180KB


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