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equiprove letter to the Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management

Good evening Minister,

My name is Ali Geeves and I am the CEO and Co-founder of equiprove®, a knowledge platform being designed and built for the Australian equine industry, to solve the issue of traceability of horses in Australia .

We are working successfully with SAP®, and are now in the design phase, making sure the architecture and wire-frames of our solution, is exactly what the industry is requiring and requesting. 

We have been able to successfully link databases on our Asset (Equine) Intelligence Network that have the most accurate, verified sources of information on horses. This has given us the capacity to be able to track and trace, locate and confidently identify a horse that is on our network, without having to replicate/build another central database for the industry to use. 

The simple transfer-of-ownership of horses ending their racing careers, and either becoming performance or companion partners, is at the front of our requirements list. We are able to achieve this by linking an already existing central database to the platform, that holds the information of all registered Thoroughbreds and standardbreds in this country (both breeds have these existing breed registers), allowing a new, non-racing entity to confirm ownership and take all responsibility for that horse.  Horses that are no longer racing, but are still in possession of their racing owners/trainers will be able to be included, as the owner will be able to use equiprove® for non-racing use.  I have attached a pitch on equiprove® that will give further explanation, and the benefits of the knowledge platform, and also a URL link to a video about the equiprove® solution. More information can be found on our website. I would appreciate if we can organise a meeting for us to present what the equiprove® Equine Intelligence Network looks like, and how it will benefit the Australian equine industry.  I look forward to any feedback, and welcome any questions.  kind regards, 

Ali Geeves

CEO and Co-Founder equiprove 0432 530 003

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