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equiprove Letter to the Age

From: Ulrich Klatte Sent: Monday, 21 October 2019 7:52 PM To: <>; <>; Subject: Horse racing on the nose, industry insiders warn

Dear Authors,

I loved your article and summary of opinions. I like to refer to the following lines:

“Racing Australia, Racing Victoria, Racing NSW, the Victorian government and corporate bookmakers all support the establishment of a national register to track every horse bred for racing from the time it is foaled to when it dies. Under current regulations, racing authorities stop accounting for horses when they retire.

The proposed national register, which is currently the subject of a Senate inquiry, has received only tacit support from the peak breeding body, Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, and is expected to face political resistance from National Party MPs concerned at associated costs.”

I am very aware of the Senate inquiry as I attended it myself (President, ACE Group) and also noticed RA’s support of a national register to trace a horse’s provenance from birth to death.


I am a Co-Founder of equiprove, a contemporary knowledge platform offering an alternative to the traditional and ineffective government run centralised data bases. Our technology partner is a well recognised global SW company.

Previously, we have written to Racing Australia, Racing NSW, Racing Victoria, QRIC and others to seek their cooperation regarding the digital management of the provenance of horses. At that point in time we only got one answer back from RA (Keeper of the Studbook) to let us know that they did not see the need to share their horse database outside the Racing Industry.

This was disappointing as at the Senate Inquiry RA said, they would be happy to share their data partially with a national register. Further, they also indicated they would not be prepared to contribute financially, so not truly committed.

As a result of the recent media coverage on OTT race horses we believe that RA will be motivated to be an active participant in a national solution. 

What we need to avoid is a knee jerk reaction and a grab at old technology. Australia can be a global leader in this space with 21 Century technology. equiprove offers an industry based provenance solution (identification, track & trace, transparency, & biosecurity). Can key stakeholders such as RA and government regulators work with us to ensure end of life management is humane?

To explain what equiprove is all about please have a look at

I am happy to speak with you further, I know the industry inside out, what the barriers are, where the ‘bad apples’ hide and how industry can work together, not only for OTT race horses but all horses.

Kind regards

Ulrich Klatte

Co-Founder equiprove

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