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equiprove Letter to Minister for Agriculture

From: "Karen Copeland" <>

Sent: Tuesday, 22 Oct, 2019 At 4:51 PM

Subject: Horse welfare - equiprove, the solution

Dear Minister My purpose is to introduce equiprove, a modern technology platform, digitalising and serving the Australian Equestrian industry. equiprove has a strong focus on the provenance of horses across life events (unique identifier, track and trace), providing transparency to the equestrian community (safety) and supporting biosecurity. 

We are an Australian company based in Qld. Our current technology development partner is a recognised global SW company, well recognised in the sporting community. In terms of time lines, we are scheduled to launch in mid 2020.

In terms of the current media attention on OTT racehorse management and humane end of life screening and processes, equiprove offers an industry based solution using contemporary technology that does not require the creation of (yet another) central registration data base.  

With the spotlight on the racing industry, we believe equiprove is well placed to offer an industry based solution in a far shorter time frame than a government established and operated central data base.

I note the Agricultural Ministers meeting this Friday, and have attached 2 short documents on 'who we are' and a pdf that we have recently sent to RA. I would encourage you to visit What we need to avoid is a knee jerk reaction and a grab at old technology. Australia could be a global leader in this space with modern technology

I have attached a brief overview on equiprove and a PDF we prepared for RA FYI. Please contact me for further information on equiprove and our service road map - we would be delighted to present equiprove to you!

Regards Karen 

Karen Copeland

Co-Founder & Chair 


equiprove and Racing Australia
Download PDF • 6.33MB
equiprove - who we are
Download PDF • 100KB

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