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equiprove Joins the Australian Horse Industry Council

We are proud to announce our corporate membership with the Australian Horse Industry Council.

The Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) represents the interests of horse people and the health and welfare of all horses in the Australian horse industry.

The AHIC is made up of a collection of breed societies, performance and competition associations, service providers and State Horse councils.

It brings together the recreational and professional sectors with a common goal to improve awareness of the horse community with both the Government and the wider community.


Horse welfare, local government laws, mining land grabs and bio-hazards such as Hendra are impacting on how we keep and work with our horses every day.

AHIC Membership supports the Horse Council in its work on behalf of all horse owners in Australia.

The Horse Council is supported in its work by the membership of supporting organisations, businesses and individuals.

The Council works for all horse interests, irrespective of breed or sport.

Some of the work (available for free as pdf downloads) completed by the council includes:

Additional documents will be available exclusively to AHIC Members.

The Horse Council needs the support of all horse organisations and horse community members.

The Australian Horse Industry Council is administered by the AHIC Board of Directors who are elected at the Annual General Meeting.  AHIC Membership allows you to vote for Board members and shape the future direction of the Horse Council.

We are always looking for new members to serve on the Board or on subcommittees, please email with your expression of interest.


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