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equiprove and the Racing Industry in Australia


The Australian equine industry is a significant contributor to the national economy. It also enjoys a strong participant base and is a widely followed spectator sport.

"The thoroughbred racing industry is worth $9bn and provides more than 70,000 full time jobs"

However, it is fragmented across all jurisdictions and disciplines. Increasingly, the industry, the equestrian community and more broadly the general public, have voiced concerns around the lack of data and information that relates to safety and animal welfare. Specific concerns highlight systemic failure in:

  • Accurately tracking and tracing horses over their lifespan

  • Providing transparency in the management of horses

  • Adequately addressing concerns about the welfare of horses

  • Being able to monitor horse movement in real time, compromising biosecurity management

These concerns are exacerbated by a largely paper based and siloed approach to record management.

"The equine industry lags in digital application and record management"

The Racing Challenge

The racing industry is facing a specific challenge around the visibility of horses following their racing career. While some are contesting issues around responsibility and the veracity of the reported events, the media is placing responsibility for a horse’s post racing life squarely on the racing industry’s shoulders.

"The racing industry is currently facing significant reputational damage"

The equiprove Solution

The primary objective of equiprove is provenance: establishing it, maintaining it and relying on it. At its core, equiprove captures, stores and curate’s data, accessed or drawn from many different sources, creating a digital history of a horse’s life and events. This data is authenticated, verified and non-repudiable. It becomes trusted information.

equiprove balances the necessity for an open and accessible point of truth recognising the unique needs of each group of users. It will have the look and feel of a single system, yet we are not a centralised database. equiprove recognises and accommodates the data management needs of different stakeholders. We will not own our users’ data. They will own it.

"equiprove brings together data and information creating a knowledge platform for the equine industry"

With the exception of certain situations such as legislative and regulatory requirements, users will license us to access certain data they have stored. Users decide how much and when the data is viewed or released, and to whom. They will also decide which other authorised third parties can add data, for example health management service providers.

Over time this allows the equine industry to manage equine assets to reliably ascertain and promote their value.

With the capability to de-identity and aggregate large volumes of data, we see the potential to support industry in research introducing an evidence-based dialogue outlining the economic and social contribution of horses to Australia. In turn, this will promote a less emotive, more rational understanding of the industry to the public.

Our technology partner, SAP, recognises equiprove is looking to both simplify complex multi-party processes and create trust among users. SAP understands these requirements. Working together, equiprove will utilise contemporary technology to innovate and digitalise the Australian equine industry.

Further, we are actively looking to develop a cost-effective, non-invasive, location-based identification method which incorporates current practices and emerging bio-metric technologies.

equiprove supports Racing

equiprove offers the industry an opportunity to collectively monitor off the track horses past their racing career. An opportunity that provides a seamless record of off the track horses transitioning to being retrained or repurposed for success as a performance horse, a leisure horse or as breeding stock.

This is attractive as it offers:

  • an industry driven response

  • an alternative to a direct government intervention

  • stakeholders a line of sight of their investment

  • increase insight and confidence

Why equiprove

equiprove is committed to transforming the Australian equine industry. Our team has deep industry knowledge and recognised business credentials. SAP is a market leader in enterprise application and innovative software development.

"equiprove will work collaboratively with industry partners"

Our innovative solution is focused on industry requirements now and into the future. Our vision is that equiprove will be used by all equine stakeholders in Australia. We realise that to be successful, equiprove will need to forge relationships with industry partners and listen to their views and requirements on how a market-based solution should work.

equiprove looks forward to working with the Racing Industry.

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