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equiprove and Biosecurity - Horse Biosecurity Market Access Liaison Group Meeting

Good evening David, (

I would like to thank you again, for giving us the opportunity to present to the Horse Biosecurity Market Access Liaison Group Meeting on Thursday. As I mentioned in the room, I am no keynote speaker! but I would like to acknowledge and thank you for allowing Dr Owers to present first, as I believe it was a nice segue into equiprove. 

I have supplied blow some Q&A observations and comments, that I welcome you to pass onto the group:

Potential industry resistance to allow ‘access’ and ‘management/sharing’ of data 

valid concern:

equiprove allows data owners to authorise or not authorise the release / sharing of data. We understand privacy, and have subject matter experts on hand when it comes to this in relation to the industry.

Accuracy/integrity of data

valid concern: 

equiprove's curation of data is date & time stamped. Data can’t be retrospective altered; a new record would be created to correct errors. 

Unique identifier

Invalid concern: microchip works

equiprove® is not replacing the microchip but there are applicable emerging non invasive bio-metric technologies that will come to be available to the equine industry in the future. 


valid/invalid concern:

equiprove will be able to provide accurate data on horse location and movement. We acknowledge this service is not going to accommodate everyone (non-internet users) but it will be an alternative to the current practices, for the majority of the industry. Convenience and ease of use will always best traditional systems. This is not trivial.

Jurisdictional Responsibility

valid concern:

equiprove is an industry solution supporting industry self-regulation and potentially ‘harmonising’ jurisdictional legislation, regulation and compliance. The Federal government has acknowledged that this is a National issue and is requesting all assistance from the states jurisdictions. 

I would also like to add, and I am kicking myself for not highlighting at the meeting:

Two of the recommendations that came from the inquiry into the feasibility of a National Horse Register are:

The committee recommends that the national horse traceability working group consults with the horse industry to develop a national register that is populated by data found on existing industry databases.

This data-sharing arrangement should:

be shared through the use of contemporary technology that enables regular and secure data transfers between registers; allow for one horse to be registered across multiple industry registers; and at a minimum, include the following data—

  • a microchip number (including a universal equine life number)

  • a Property Identification Code

  • owner's contact details and location

  • the origin of the source data

The committee recommends a national horse register is designed to accommodate data uploads by horse owners that are not associated with any industry group, such as farmers, the recreational sector and horse owners in remote locations. equiprove will be able to facilitate both of these recommendations. I will be sure to keep you up to date with our development, and look forward to any feedback you have re. above. Kind regards,

Ali Geeves CEO and Co-Founder equiprove 0432 530 003

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