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ACE Group Inc. has worked hard to preserve Australian standards by improving the breeding quality of our horses through our annual assessment and inspection program. By integrating ACE with equiprove these standards can be transmitted to a much larger community throughout Australia and abroad.


Currently in Australia, what is lacking is the absence of competition results for horses and riders other than those competing in official EA and FEI events. Once everyone is on board with equiprove this will be resolved and all results from ALL unofficial events, Pony Club events official events can be uploaded to equiprove and accessed without having to rely on individuals to send them in.


ACE Group Inc. is an internationally recognised Australian Warmblood and Sporthorse Association. We are unique in that we have the facility to register all breeds and types of horses and have recently joined with Warlander Society to register this breed amongst the European community overseas. With the help of equiprove and its connections, the world will be able to see how all horses perform in each category of breed and discipline.


We believe this will take equiprove to the next level very quickly. Other benefits of equiprove we believe will be:


1. Save on paperwork for the horse owner and Society administrator.

2. Ability to import and export breeding tables for Societies.

3. Eliminate the need for Service Certificates.

4. Traceability and recognition of breeders and their horses including off the track racehorses.


Thank you for the work you are doing to help to improve the Australian Equine Community.


Venues and

Event Organisers


Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland – Toowoomba Royal Show and Showgrounds agrees that equiprove would provide a service that collects, curates and connects Australian equine information, allowing authorised access to secure and reliable information for the equine industry.


As an organising committee, we believe equiprove will save time and frustration confirming that horse registrations and memberships are current with breed and performance organisations, and will also help minimise any biosecurity risk, by knowing the recent history of a horse’s health before they enter the grounds for training or competition.


When equiprove comes to market and assuming that its functionality aligns with our requirements and those of our members and competitors, we would expect to make significant use of services on offer. 



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Equilegal agrees that equiprove would provide a service that collects, curates and connects Australian equine information, allowing authorised access to secure and reliable information for the equine industry.


Having dealt with many equine law matters nationally, we recognise that the ability to track and trace horses in Australia is in the best interests of both horses and the equestrian community.


When equiprove comes to market and assuming that its functionality aligns with our requirements and those of our clients, we would expect to recommend that our clients make use of the services on offer.


Equipe Australia has the API functions for horses, riders and officials installed and it would be great if we could link Equipe to the equiprove platform.


This will have the advantage that the correct horse's information will come across as originally registered by the breed organisations and will save the customer putting all the detailed information in manually. The same would apply for riders and officials.


By the conclusion of the event, the results would automatically send back to the equiprove platform and be added to the horses and riders profile.

This information will do far more than trace what horses are doing.

For breeders, they could view all the performance results from a particular stallion's progeny as well as for a mare's. A breeder could call up all performances from the horses that a stud or Individual has bred.


A rider could call up all his starts and performances from multiple disciplines and sporting organisations like EA Pony Club, Camp-drafting etc, and could extract the information they require from equiprove.


Breed societies could set filters to give awards for their best breeders. Thoroughbred breeders could follow how their horses are performing in the after racing career and see in what disciplines they excel in. The possibilities are endless and that is why we fully support equiprove and hope that the equine industry at large can see that this is a no Brain-er and also get behind equiprove.


Cryptohorse has agreed to work with equiprove to improve the traceability of ex-racehorses and horses used for equine-assisted therapy.

Using equiprove's API, Cryptohorse will enable linkage from the details of any horse in its system to the relevant equiprove extract, thus providing provenance for the horse concerned.

Cryptohorse director Bill Saunders believes that this capacity represents an essential extension to the Cryptohorse service.

"If a horse owner such as a charity is providing equine-assisted therapy, then it's important that its clients are assured that they know the background of each horse they are using", he said.

Another use for equiprove is if a charity wants to base fundraising around sponsoring horses it is using for therapy purposes.

"By linking the horse's profile in the charity web portal on Cryptohorse to its equiprove profile, potential donors can confirm that the horse has received its annual health check from a veterinarian", he said.

There are many other uses that equiprove data can be applied to. Cryptohorse continues to investigate these use cases with equiprove.


Horses For Hope Limited is a registered charity based in Victoria which uses horses in our unique form of equine-assisted narrative therapy.


We believe that our own experience in using horses that have had trauma in their lives to help people similarly afflicted has much wider application than what is currently available to the public for mental health therapy.

Horses for Hope Limited believes that the horse industry could benefit enormously from a traceability system by thinking of it not as a regulatory burden with enormous costs but as a wonderful marketing opportunity.


In order to do this, we believe that such a system has to be designed so as to be truly useful to the entire horse industry.


To that end, we have been working with equiprove.


A part of their model is that each participating group of horse owners voluntarily provide information to the equiprove database which can then be searched by horse, by the owner, by sire, by dam, and a host of other parameters. Collectively this data provides a central resource for the whole horse industry which can, in turn, be accessed by trusted third parties to provide value-added services.


It is in this area that we believe the costs of the system can be ameliorated such that the burden on any specific part of the horse industry is limited.


For example in our part of the industry with significant involvement of not-for-profit bodies like us using horses for therapy, we would use equiprove for:

  • Researching the history of potential additions to our team of therapy horses.

  • Providing a live link from horse profiles on our web site to their equiprove entries to allow clients and supporters to find out more about the horse they are working with.

  • Using equiprove veterinary entries as proof that our horses have had an annual veterinary check and are passed as healthy and sound for the work we ask of them.

  • Use this proof as a basis to solicit fundraising support from the public for individual horses.

  • Proving to bodies such as NDIS, Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies who send us clients that our horses are well documented as to their current status.


From a racing industry perspective, we believe that the owners of ex-racehorses constitute one of the largest groups which could be serviced by equiprove.


Given that Horses For Hope Limited is an established charity with equine welfare as one of our charitable objectives, we are working with equiprove to become affiliated with them as a welfare agency with a particular interest in the usage of thoroughbreds for therapy purposes.

Turn ordinary business problems into extraordinary solutions with Neorise custom software


We’ve created powerful Software Solutions for many businesses in diverse industries. Comprehensive design solutions that successfully integrate software to drive your business performance. We measure ourselves on our clients’ commercial success. 

"I have been following with interest the development of equiprove.

I have a unique interest as both a person that has been involved in the horse industry for most of my life, competing and training and then for 8 years working as a sales manager for an Equine Based feed company. 

I am now working in the software industry and can see the vast benefits to collected large data, distilled down to an individual horse and its subsequent movements and treatments.

Where I see the large value in several areas.

Big data is a buzz word, but the real value is taking that data and using it to the complete value. 

For instance, it would be beneficial for an equine feed company that could see the prospective numerical value of the volume of horses, by age, breed and health, they would then be able to target specific feeds, breeds, ages and health interests. 

We know that the equine industry and can be tainted by the proverbial "Horse Trader" whereas verified and validated data that is attached to the horse, regardless of the owner adds trust and removes the pitfalls that can be associated within the industry.


Benefits to the owner/prospective buyers are as below:


Verifiable data that extends across many aspects:

  1. Breeding

  2. Age

  3. Vet Treatments

  4. Feeding regimes

  5. Competitions 

  6. Ownership


Benefits to Equine professionals: 


  1. Able to check all historical treatments 

  2. Able to prove breeding history.

  3. Able to prove competition undertaken 

  4. Able to prove training courses

  5. Able to prove breeding and bloodlines


To Service providers such as Feed companies, Vet suppliers, Tack, Vehicle sales and float manufacturers, the ability to access industry insights such as:

  1. Breed types

  2. Age

  3. Market distribution of pleasure, racing, competition, weekend warriors, breeders.

  4. Movement of horses, across the state, nationally and internationally 

  5. The average cost by breed, age, location, feed

  6. Average movements of a horse over its lifetime


The monetisation of de-identified data will give equiprove a huge advantage in the advertising and product placement into the market place.

The future of predictive and usage of AI to accurately build profiles, demand and forecasting are all tools that thrive on quality data.


I can only endorse the creation of Equiprove. Having a tool that not only gives real value to horse owners but also spreads across multiple related industries, can only be the perfect blend of Tech, data and information."

Carl Smith, Neorise




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