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equiprove benefits

Owners and Buyers


Verified Profile Vault

Seamlessly collect, consolidate, and showcase both you and your horse's data, streamlining your equine experiences.


Comprehensive Narrative Hub

Present verified breed pedigree details, performance records, and more. Position yourself as a transparent participant effortlessly.


Digital Identity

Your profile represents your equine journey. Tailor it, share it, and shine!

breed organisations

Replace Outdated Systems

equiprove replaces unreliable and outdated systems, offering a confident and efficient solution for managing data.


Complimentary Data Storage

Our complimentary data storage isn't just a service; it's a commitment to making top-tier equine data management accessible to all breed societies. We believe that financial constraints shouldn't limit the pursuit of excellence.

Simplify Operations

Say goodbye to the struggle of managing members and horse data with outdated and expensive software. equiprove's budget-friendly essential services are designed to streamline operations, ensuring smooth and efficient processes. We are here to support every breed society, regardless of size or budget.

Clubs and Associations

performance organisations

Efficient Data Handling

equiprove offers the confident and efficient management of data for performance organisations. Say hello to streamlined processes, accurate records, and an intuitive platform designed to meet the unique needs of equestrian organisations.

Budget-Friendly Services

Unlock the power of equiprove with our complimentary data storage and budget-friendly services tailored for equestrian organisations. No more financial constraints – just modern, affordable solutions to simplify member and horse management.

Seamless Integration

Organisations with robust in-house technology can seamlessly integrate with equiprove, providing members with connectivity and data-sharing advantages. We are here to improve your existing systems, not replace them, ensuring a smooth transition for a more connected equestrian community.

Detailed Participant and Horse Profiles

From qualifications and achievements to certificates and prior learning, equiprove enables reliable verified information to be stored on comprehensive profiles. Assess participant and horse capabilities with confidence.

International Connectivity

Share accurate, verified information with international bodies effortlessly. equiprove opens doors for collaboration on a global scale, expanding opportunities for your participants and horses.

Streamlined Tracking

Say goodbye to paper-based horse health declaration and movement record hassles!

equiprove streamlines attendance and participation tracking. Effortlessly monitor where horses and riders are for their welfare and wellbeing.

Biosecurity Measures

Implement biosecurity measures with equiprove's integrated features. Protect your community and equine partners by leveraging accurate data for informed decision-making.

Facilitate Stakeholder Connections

Build meaningful relationships and understand your ecosystem. equiprove facilitates stakeholder connections, creating a collaborative environment within the equestrian industry.


Valuable Insights

Access valuable, evidence-based insights on participant performance by seamlessly connecting to various data sources. equiprove provides comprehensive industry knowledge, supporting performance organisations to make informed decisions.

Event Managment

event management

Simplified Administration

equiprove simplifies event administration, streamlines competition registration, and benefits riders without horse ownership.

Seamless Connectivity

Existing event entry systems can connect seamlessly with equiprove, accessing verified data for horses, competitors, and owners.

Results Storage

Store results on equiprove, against horse and people profiles, from scoring systems for future reference, ensuring a comprehensive event history.

ellie casey xc.png

life after racing

Seamless Data Transition

equiprove plays a pivotal role in aggregating data and facilitating the seamless transition of horses from racing careers to off-the-track retirement.

Real-Time Information

Stay informed with real-time information on the whereabouts of individual retired horses and the broader ex-racing population.

Transparency and Accessibility

equiprove promotes transparency and data accessibility in the post-racing phase, supporting the welfare of retired horses.

Aus Community

the Australasian equine community

choice 1.jpg

Valuable Insights

Utilise de-identified aggregated data for valuable insights into the equine population's size, movements, and characteristics.

Support for Strategies

Improve biosecurity, welfare, and transport strategies with accurate data. Inform emergency management and contribute to market research and development.

Convenient, Cost-Effective, Reliable

Eliminate fragmentation and disconnection across Australasia for a connected and informed equine community.

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